TRADER Corporation Introduces Instant Cash Offer


TRADER Corporation announced a new partnership and launch of a certified vehicle valuation platform that simplifies the trade-in and selling negotiation process for both consumers and dealers.

The company has partnered with New Brunswick-based Accu-Trade to introduce the Instant Cash Offer program in the Canadian market. The new platform makes it fast and convenient for consumers to sell or trade their vehicles, while also providing a new inventory source for automotive dealers across Canada.

Results of a recent market research study indicate that consumers find negotiating with buyers and knowing the value of their vehicle most challenging in the selling and trade-in process. In fact, most do not know what their car is worth before entering the negotiation process, which can often be frustrating for both consumers and dealers. In addition, consumers generally do not like transacting with strangers when trying to sell their cars privately and are looking for a less stressful and more convenient option.

“While many parts of the car purchase cycle have moved online, negotiation remains one of the top pain points for consumers,” said Jill Hadfield, chief product officer at TRADER. “Instant Cash Offer provides a transparent, quick and easy process for consumers to understand the value of their vehicle, and then connects them directly with participating dealers to facilitate the purchase of their vehicle, in an equally transparent process.”

Consumers looking to sell or trade-in their car can submit their vehicle information on A certified vehicle valuation is instantly generated based on the consumer inputs on the vehicle’s condition and a calculation of market value, using the Accu-Trade appraisal system. Upon visiting the dealership, a professional vehicle appraisal is quickly completed, and the consumer can leave with a cheque or trade-in for another car the same day. The dealer then has the option to retail or wholesale the vehicle for profit or transfer to a local auction partner for disposal.

“Instant Cash Offer provides the transparency consumers have been looking for, and it offers a competitive edge to our dealer partners,” said Hadfield. “The platform delivers pre-educated and pre-qualified consumers to dealers’ lots, for efficient vehicle acquisition opportunities.”

“We’re pleased to partner with TRADER to introduce Instant Cash Offer in the Canadian market, making it easier for consumers to trade-in or sell their vehicles, and for dealers to engage with these highly-coveted customers early in their purchasing cycle,” said Robert Hollenshead, founder of Accu-Trade. “The platform helps dealers to optimize and implement a seamless process that closes more trade-ins, delivers higher profits, creates great customer relationships, while eliminating risk – one VIN at a time.”