Transport Canada agrees to test i-MiEV


By Liam Orlita

Mitsubishi signed a memorandum of understanding with Transport Canada earlier this month that will see the government test the company’s electric i-MiEV.

The cars will be tested in government facilities and in various “real-world scenarios.” Mitsubishi says the tests will focus on the vehicles’ performance, range and road handling.

“We are very pleased that Transport Canada has chosen to partner with us by helping to evaluate the i-MiEV in real world conditions,” Peter Renz, director of national marketing for Mitsubishi said in a release.

“We all live in the same world, and it is to everyone’s benefit to help make a better environment for future generations; and projects like this is how we begin.”

Renz went on to say the company has similar agreements with a number of other partners including the city of Vancouver, the government of British Columbia and power companies from B.C. and Quebec.

The electric concept was recently on display in Toronto at the 2010 Canadian International Auto Show.