University of Alberta Gets Funding For Connected Car Research


The University of Alberta received funding from Transport Canada to help prepare Canadian cities and municipalities for connected and automated vehicles.

The funding for the University comes from Transport Canada’s program for Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System and will help Transport Canada study and address technical, policy and regulatory issues related to connected and automated vehicles, and to help prepare Canadian jurisdictions prepare for these vehicles.

The University will receive $500,000 from the fund a pilot project looking at enhanced privacy for connected vehicle communications

“Connected and automated vehicle technology has immense potential and will have a tremendous impact on our transportation system,” said Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport. “This funding will help our stakeholders improve their understanding of connected and automated vehicle technologies, and how to safely and securely integrate them into our road system in order to capture their many benefits.”

Many vehicles on the road right now feature partial automation, including speed control, and braking and steering assist. Transport Canada has been closely looking at some of the components of automated vehicles to assess their benefit to the overall safety of Canadians. Transport Canada is also working with international governments through the United Nations to develop guidelines and regulatory requirements that facilitate innovation and aid in the safe deployment of automated features.

“We are in the midst of fundamental changes in our transportation systems,” said David H. Turpin, president and vice-chancellor, University of Alberta. “Connected and automated vehicles are reshaping the sector, and University of Alberta experts are leading research into these technologies to help us build more sustainable and resilient communities. I want to thank Transport Canada for their support.”

Transport Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada are working in close collaboration and with other federal departments and provincial and territorial governments to develop a coherent national approach for the safe introduction of these vehicle technologies on Canadian roads.