VinFast Merging North American Operations


VinFast is consolidating its Canadian and U.S. strategic business and management operations into a single unit, to be called, VinFast North America.

The move is expected to drive increased efficiency in the use and allocation of resources, while improving VinFast’s operational and financial performance.

VinFast North America will house the key strategic business and management operations and will be headquartered in Los Angeles, California. VinFast Canada will become a member company under VinFast North America, responsible for sales, service and distribution in the Canadian market.

The consolidation is designed to provide greater focus, responsiveness and accountability, in order to streamline operations and enhance the delivery of its new electric vehicles to customers while reducing expenses. With strategic direction from the Vietnam global leadership team, both the U.S. and Canadian operations will continue to be responsible for in-market initiatives including the implementation of certain plans and tactics developed to respond to the specific market conditions and unique customer requirements in each country.

VinFast North America will be led by Nguyen Thi Van Anh, who will become CEO of VinFast North America and maintain her current role as CEO of VinFast U.S. – Manufacturing.