Volvo XC90 debuts improved multi-filter for better interior air quality


RICHMOND HILL, Ont. – By introducing a larger, more efficient multi-filter in the cabin, Volvo Cars of Canada says it is continuing to refine its standard-setting CleanZone initiative.

CleanZone is the automaker’s “unique approach to controlling interior air quality and providing a better driving environment through innovative solutions for enhanced well-being and health.

“Drivers can breathe easier because most microscopic, hazardous fine dust particles will now be prevented from entering the car,”
 says Volvo Cars of Canada.

The multi-filter will first appear in the all-new XC90 in the beginning of 2015.

Volvo says the device features a larger design that intercepts more particulates and pollen, as well as a layer of active charcoal that effectively removes a host of contaminants that can impact the health of drivers.

The automaker calls the results impressive and says that in a car equipped with the new and improved multi-filter, the amount of fine dust particles smaller than 0,4 μm can be as much as 70 per cent less than in a car without the filter, according to a standardized component test.

“This is a significant improvement as studies have shown that dust particles smaller than 10 µm can cause a number of health problems, including difficulty breathing and lung infections,” the automaker says.

“At Volvo, our commitment to safety goes well beyond safety belts and air bags. It’s about making sure that every minute you and your family spend in a Volvo is as safe as it can possibly be. That includes breathing,” says Peter Mertens, senior V-P research and development Volvo Cars of Canada.

“With this filter we are now at the forefront of the industry in terms of particle separation.”

The filter is one element of its “state-of-the-art” interior air quality system. Another element is a sensor that monitors the incoming air for noxious substances.