VW Canada dealers in the dark over diesel fix


AutoCanada owns six VW dealerships in B.C., Alberta and Manitoba.

AutoCanada president Tom Orysiuk told Global News he doesn’t have a clue as to how VW will come up with a solution to its diesel woes.

“It’s something we’re monitoring and waiting for a response,” Orysiuk said Sept. 23.

“We haven’t received a lot of communication from VW other than that it’s very early stages. They’re going to work toward a solution for the dealers and consumers and they’ll let us know what that is.”

But he doubts a solution is just around the corner.

“I don’t have a good idea of the magnitude of what they have to do to fix this – I’m not sure if they do at this stage.”

As expected, class action lawsuits for disgruntled VW diesel owners are popping up in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Windsor, Ont., and Montreal.

There are about 100,000 diesel owners in the affected category.