CX-5 becoming international success story


All new from the ground up and Mazda's first vehicle to fully incorporate SKYACTIV technology, the 2013 CX-5 compact SUV has exceeded early expectations the world over by impressing not only critics but consumers as well.

Entering the ever-expanding and always competitive compact SUV segment was never considered an easy task but CX-5 has proven itself a more than able-bodied contender.

Available in limited quantities at the end of February, CX-5 has enjoyed steadily brisk dealership traffic with total year-to-date sales in the United States of 7,503 units. 

Mazda Canada, Inc., has achieved sales of 3,324 units, an equally impressive figure in its smaller automotive market of about 2 million units (compared to the U.S.'s estimate of more than 14 million units).

Other global regions are experiencing similarly strong sales figures. 

In Australia, CX-5 is the country's best-selling compact SUV over the March and April period with more than 2,800 units sold. 

Russia leads the way in Europe with more than 7,500 vehicles ordered. Germany is a close second, achieving more than 5,000 vehicle orders since launching a little more than a month ago.