DealerSocket debuts mobile app


DealerSocket unveiled a mobile version of its popular CRM application for dealers in Canada and the U.S.

Call MobileCRM, the new application works with iPhones, Androids and tablets to let users operate the system while on the go.

“This was something that customers were asking for,” explains Sam Rizek of DealerSocket. “A lot of competitors have mobile applications, but they are more about searching inventory. None of them let you log an up through your phone. I’ll be able to get an Internet lead from my phone, respond using a template and everything is tracked.”

The mobile version also communicates with the traditional system and visa versa.

Rizek says users can log prospects, search inventory, create to-do lists all with their phones. Click on the My Day icon and the screen will display the user’s call list and appointments for the day. Users can also make notes in the system, email, phone or text customers in the system.

“This is truly mobile,” he says. “The nice thing is if I just want to call the customer, I can simply click and my phone will dial the number. I can call in the car, go hands free and even talk my notes into it.”

The application, available now to DealerSocket users, was one of two product launches for the California-based CRM company. DealerSocket was also showing off its Marketplace tool.

Rizek says the new software is Canadian original that will monitor dealership databases for equity opportunities.

Check out the next issue of Canadian AutoWorld for a software demo on DealerSocket’s new Marketplace tool.
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