Ford says in-dash technologies helping drive satisfaction rates


Ford SYNC voice-controlled connectivity and MyFord Touch touch screen technologies are attracting more customers and selling at a much higher rate than competitors, as MyFord Touch helps drive higher customer satisfaction with vehicle quality.

Combined, SYNC and MyFord Touch are sold on 79 per cent of new 2013 Ford vehicles; this includes a MyFord Touch mix of 55 per cent from 12 per cent in 2012.
The automaker said SYNC and MyFord Touch connectivity technologies – launched in 2007 and 2010, respectively – remain a “competitive advantage” as customers cite voice control and touch screens as top purchase drivers much more often than competitors.

According to the company, 53 per cent of 2013 Ford Escape owners say the touch screen is a top purchase reason compared to a 22 per cent segment average.
“Ford has launched 60 new technologies the past few years and they are helping attract many new customers in important markets such as the coasts,” says Raj Nair, V-P of global product development. “SYNC and MyFord Touch are key parts of our innovation strategy, and not only bring more new customers to our brand, but help deliver higher satisfaction with overall vehicle quality.”
The technologies also appear to be helping improve perceptions as customers who own vehicles with the system are more satisfied with overall vehicle quality compared to those who don’t have the technology. The Ford F-150 with MyFord Touch has the highest rate of quality satisfaction across the Ford lineup, at 86 per cent.
Recent data indicated the systems also help attract younger buyers. Ford’s 2014 Fiesta will now offer MyFord Touch, adding to other features such as a navigation system, rear camera, leather seats and a sunroof not available in the segment.

Fiesta is drawing a younger audience of 46 per cent generation X and Y buyers.

Fiesta innovations are differentiating the car as SYNC is cited as an important purchase reason by 54 per cent of buyers compared to a 37 per cent average for Toyota’s connectivity technology.