Hyundai moves to reposition the brand with ad campaign


The ad campaign launched Jan. 30 with a 60-second TV spot that gives the viewer a display of the automaker’s designers and engineers at work followed by a show of test driving all to the pounding rhythms of Radioactive by the rock group Imagine Dragons.

The message is clear: “it’s a new age.”

“A new Hyundai is emerging,” said Don Romano, president/CEO, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. “We will be relentless telling our story in unique and captivating ways. After years of developing award-winning, convention-shattering vehicles, we believe the new ‘H-Factor’ campaign will begin to give Hyundai the recognition it has long deserved.”

Romano said, in a press release the OEM took the first step when it launched the revamped Sonata and the all-new Genesis, winners of AJAC awards.

Dealerships are in the midst of taking on a premium look. That’s the second step, he said. The third is Hyundai Signature Certification to upgrade the skills of dealership staff when it comes to giving customers a premium experience, “an experience beyond expectations,” in keeping the new-look surroundings.

Thus, the 60-second commercial marks the fourth leg of the effort “to ensure all of this work doesn’t go unnoticed.”

The advertising frames the company’s place in the market by defining its global “Modern Premium” brand positioning for Canadians.

The automaker explains that the term H-Factor is used to express the company’s drive to deliver customer experiences that exceed expectations.

This is achieved through vehicle design, advanced engineering, delivering award-winning quality, and developing cutting-edge safety and convenience systems.

It also extends to the dealership environment and the sales and service experience.

The ad premiered on Superbowl Sunday and will show up on the Grammy Awards, the Oscars and on prime-time TV as well as online and in print.     

Innocean Worldwide Canada, the automaker’s in-house ad agency, created the ad and will run the campaign.

Chad Heard, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. public relations manager, said Hyundai is not about to become a premium car company.

“It’s not necessarily about premium vehicles, but about a premium position,” he said.

That means premium touches in the range of Hyundai products. It might be heated rear seats in a compact car, something no one would expect.

That’s Modern Premium.

Heard said the automaker will be bringing to market a wave of new products to prove its point.