Mitsubishi posts gains in production and sales


Sales and production numbers continue to climb globally for Mitsubishi Motors as the Japanese automaker released its numbers for the first half of 2010.

Total global production for June came in at 92,324 units, good enough for a 59.8 per cent jump over June 2009 figures and the eighth consecutive monthly increase since November 2009.

Production volume in Japan sat at 54,667 units, 66.1 per cent up year-on-year, the seventh consecutive monthly year-on-year increase. Passenger car output at 47,547 units was 84.2 per cent up over the same period last year. Commercial vehicle output at 7,120 units was 0.4 per cent up year-on-year.

Overseas production volume totaled 37,657 units, 51.3 per cent up over June last year and the eighth consecutive monthly year-on-year increase.

By region, output in Asia at 30,513 units was 84.3 per cent up year-on-year boosted chiefly by 15.6 per cent, 28.4 per cent, 229.1 per cent and 100.0 per cent increases at China Motor Corp. in Taiwan, South East (Fujian) Motor in China, MMTh in Thailand and KRM in Indonesia respectively.

In North America, output at 937 units was 9.8 per cent up over June last year when production was still at a virtual standstill. In Europe, output at 1,944 units was 52.2 per cent down year-on-year as sales in the region remained sluggish.  In South America output at 3,840 units was 21.9 per cent up over the same period last year as sales at MMC Automotores do Brasil Ltda. continued to recover.