Porsche Canada drops prices across the board


Porsche Canada says a strong loonie is behind its decision to drop prices across all car lines by an average of $5,200.

“Porsche Canada has historically been the first to act decisively and responsively to currency fluctuations in the North American market,” said Joe Lawrence, Porsche Canada’s CEO.

“Our status as an independent subsidiary since 2008 has greatly strengthened our voice in Stuttgart, allowing us to deliver unprecedented levels of value to Canadian Porsche buyers.”

This new pricing, which the company says is at “historically low levels,” puts Porsche ownership within reach of more Canadians than ever before, the company adds.

The 2011 Boxster, for example, now starts at $54,900, while a V6-powered Cayenne is $55,300; a Panamera is now $86,600, and the Panamera S drops $11,900 to $103,200.

The flagship 911 Turbo S is now $183,400, $16,600 less than before.

“The reduction in base prices results from the continued and consistent strength of the Canadian dollar,” said Lawrence.

“With this latest move, the relationship between Canadian and U.S. prices has improved by an average of 8 per cent across the lineup. No competitive brand has Canadian prices so closely aligned, across the board, to U.S. prices.”

In addition to reducing the price of vehicles, Porsche also moved to reduce the price of its factory-installed options by up to 16 per cent contribute an additional $2,500 reduction to the price of a vehicle equipped with average options.

A 7-speed PDK double-clutch transmission on Boxster or Cayman drops from $4,660 to $3,910, while a power tilt/slide moonroof on Cayenne is reduced from $1,630 to $1,370.

“Porsche is renowned for its extensive customization options,” said Lawrence. “By reducing the price of options, we give customers more opportunity to apply more customization features and build exactly the car they want.”