Pricing announced for Model S


The Tesla Model S will start at $64,500 when it hits its lone, yet-to-be constructed Canadian dealership this fall.

The base model will have a 40 kWh battery pack, the smallest of three sizes from which customers can choose. Pricing will run from the $64,500 base battery model to $75,200 for the 60 kWh battery pack and $85,900 for the 85 kWh battery pack.

“Pricing in foreign markets can be very complex, so we have taken a very straightforward, transparent approach to pricing Model S,” said George Blankenship, vice president worldwide sales and ownership experience.

“Canadian base prices start with U.S. pricing, plus 6.1 per cent for import duties and an additional 1.5 to 2 per cent, depending upon the model, for incremental transportation costs and country specific business expenses. The total is then adjusted using the current mid-term currency exchange rate.”

All models will include heated seats and choice of decor as standard equipment. Model S in Canada will also include a 17″ touchscreen, 19″ wheels and a Mobile Connector with three adapters as standard equipment.

Tesla's Canadian pricing configurator, showing all pricing and options, will be available on its website in the near future.

The automaker has sad the Model S has the longest range of any production electric car in the world. The 85 kWh Model S has received a U.S. fuel economy rating of 89MPGe and a range of 265 miles from the U.S. EPA. Fuel economy ratings from Environment Canada are still pending.

More than 12,200 reservations have been made worldwide for Model S and deliveries to Canadian customers are set to begin later this year.