Sales up 15 per cent in January


The new car retail sales industry in Canada started the new year off on the right foot as overall sales grew by more than 15 per cent over last year’s tally.

Early reports show 97,497 vehicles were sold last month. Analysts are pointing to low lending rates and the need to replace aging vehicles as reasons behind the growth.

Top volume spot went to Chrysler Canada, which recorded its best January in a decade. The positive total of 16,584 eclipses 13,587 set a year ago and marks a 22 per cent increase.
“We have been the fastest growing automaker in Canada for the past two years, and it is great to start 2012 as the highest selling vehicle company in Canada,” said Dave Buckingham, COO of Chrysler Canada.

Big performers for the Pentastar brand included Ram truck, Dodge Charger, Dodge Journey and Jeep Wrangler. Jeep enjoyed a 31 per cent jump on its own.

Ford, whom Chrysler ousted from the top of the heap, still managed a five per cent gain or 14,978 vehicles, compared with 14,324 a year ago. The F-Series continued its domination with a 22 per cent gain.

“We are off to a great start in the New Year with strong car sales,” said Dianne Craig, president and CEO, Ford of Canada.  “To build on this momentum, we look forward to the national debut of the all-new 2013 Fusion at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) later this month. Fusion represents Ford at its best.”

Among the domestics, General Motors continued to slide, down 10 per cent. The former perennial top volume winner dropped to 12,959 vehicles sold.

January winners included:
Honda: 127 per cent
Toyota: 18 per cent 
Nissan: 23.4 per cent
Mitsubishi: 0.8 per cent
Mazda: 1.1 per cent

Hyundai: 11.6 per cent
Kia: 23.8 per cent

BMW: 34.4 per cent
Mercedes-Benz: 31 per cent
Volkswagen: 8.7 per cent 
Porsche: 1.4 per cent
Audi: 31 per cent

January losers included:
General Motors: -10 per cent
Suzuki: -26 per cent
Volvo: -14 per cent