Toronto Parking Authority Kicks Off Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative


Toronto Mayor John Tory launched the Toronto Parking Authority’s (TPA) Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Initiative.

Mayor Tory was joined by Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie, Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee, local Councillor Chris Moise, and TPA president Scott Collier.

The TPA opened its first Green P facility equipped with eight charging stations at 11 Wellesley Street West as part of a multi-year initiative to help meet growing customer demand, and as part of the City’s Net Zero strategy, TransformTO.

TPA’s 2022 Annual Operating Plan identified EV charging as a priority for the organization and TPA is on track to deliver more than 100 EV charging stations by the end of 2022. Furthermore, TPA’s EV charging network is planned to grow to more than 650 EV chargers in off-street (garages and lots) and on-street Green P locations by the end of 2024.

“This EV initiative is another example of the progress we are making moving our city forward and working on solutions to achieve our Net Zero emission goals,” said Mayor John Tory. “We are working hard as a City government to tackle climate change at the local level, and we have a lot more work to do. With all our City partners, including the Toronto Parking Authority, working together, we will get there.”

The provision of EV charging services is a key component of TPA’s transformation to a mobility services provider. As the operator of Bike Share Toronto, TPA will also leverage electrical infrastructure and coordinate the installation of electric Bike Share stations where suitable.

“As demand for electric vehicle charging continues to grow, current and future EV owners expect a charging network that offers simplicity, speed, choice, and ease of use,” said TPA president Scott Collier. “As the largest municipally-owned commercial parking operator in North America we have a tremendous opportunity to leverage our off-street and on-street portfolio of parking services to help drive EV adoption.”

“Cleaner modes of transportation, like electric vehicles, are integral in helping Toronto achieve its goal of being net zero by 2040,” said Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie. “Charging stations in the City’s Green P Parking lots make the use of electric vehicles more accessible and convenient for residents and visitors.”

There are 117 EV chargers being installed at 11 locations in the coming weeks. Beginning in 2023, TPA will assume the ownership and operation of all on-street EV chargers across the City.