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Aspen named preferred supplier by Volvo Cars of Canada

Aspen Marketing Services has been named the preferred supplier of a newly developed Aftersales Customer Retention (ACR) program to Volvo Cars of Canada Corporation and its Volvo dealers in Canada.

Aspen Canada currently manages hundreds of thousands of individual customer relationships on behalf of some of the world’s leading automotive brands.

“Volvo Cars of Canada is pleased to partner with Aspen Marketing Services Canada on the launch of this exciting new marketing initiative,” said Carol Kitchen, V-P customer service, Volvo Cars of Canada.

Volvo dealers will benefit from a customized ACR program designed to nurture long-term customer loyalty, increase service opportunities at the dealership level and maximize service revenue.

This customer relationship platform gives dealers the ability to make critical touch points with the customer throughout the owner lifecycle.

“Aspen’s momentum and strong presence in the Canadian auto marketplace have allowed us to create more revenue-driving solutions for both dealers and OEMs,” said Richard Lambert, group V-P of Aspen Marketing Canada.

“Aspen’s forward-thinking technology platforms and array of in-house capabilities such as account management and planning, field service and support, local production and a digital print facility and a bilingual call center all help us to continually better serve our clients.”