Aspen: ‘Today, brands must engage consumers at every opportunity’


“Consumers are in the driver’s seat, expecting and demanding more from brands. More value, more experiences, more personalization, more speed, more consistency and more recognition,” says Richard Lambert, Group V-P Aspen Marketing.

The automotive industry is not exempt from the ever-growing challenges of connecting consumers to brands in today’s rapidly evolving marketing ecosystem. In fact, dealerships face a larger challenge of coordinating messages to customers of their multiple locations while ensuring consistency with the OEM and catering to local audiences, Lambert says.

So how can auto dealers today attract, maintain and engage loyal customers?

“At Aspen Marketing, we advise our clients to focus on the marketing strategy, not individual marketing channels,” he says. “Despite the buzz around new mediums, it is the overall strategy that allows current and potential customers to have a truly relevant and engaging experience with your brand.”

Aspen Marketing says that’s why it approaches each assignment in a channel-agnostic manner. Depending on the objectives, Aspen recommends tactics and messages that are appropriate to your unique brand and audience.

“We focus our energies and expertise to help brand partners capture every moment, drive revenue and increase customer loyalty.”

Aspen says it supports over 600 dealers in Canada, bringing together the “unique combination of best-in-class data management, technology and creative insight.”

“Backed by Epsilon, a leading provider of marketing data with over 250 million consumer records including 22 million businesses, we are able to create a holistic view of your customer,” he says.

“This data combined with our unparalleled marketing technology solutions and our robust creative offerings allow brands to communicate consistently and relevantly with customers and prospects across marketing channels.”

Aspen warns that today, brands must engage consumers at every opportunity. Timing is everything. Miss the window and the opportunity is gone. Capture the opportunity and the experience is amplified, along with the revenue.

“Auto dealers need a partner that understands their brand and can support them with the required resources. At Aspen we have the experience, knowledge and tools to build strategies, create big ideas, fulfill the solution and measure the ROI; in short, we’re a one-stop-shop for auto brands.”