Autodata Solutions launch IncentiveAdvantage


Autodata Solutions has introduced IncentiveAdvantage, a suite of services giving dealers, software and solution providers access to VIN-specific incentives including cash, lease and finance offers for every make and model of vehicle for every region of the country. 

Accessed as web services, IncentiveAdvantage can be integrated into any online applications such as payment calculators, dealer websites and inventory management tools to provide the most current combination of allowable incentive offers. 

“There is a tremendous amount of complexity in the marketplace today when it comes to understanding offers and incentives,” said Andrew Lumsden, director of product development and syndication.

“For example, there are hundreds of incentive combinations on the F-150 for one region alone, and they change on a daily basis.”

He called IncentiveAdvantage unique because of what he termed the “offer engine” behind the web services that stacks, groups and returns all of the compatible incentives for any vehicle or VIN.

Combining the program with Autodata’s or a third-party payment calculator gives the user detailed payment information.

“From incentives by zip code to the consumer’s own unique financial picture, providing the easiest and fastest way to a vehicle sale,” the company said in a release. 

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