Buy, sell and view purchases with new mobile solutions from Manheim


Introduced at the 2013 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention, Simulcast on Mobile, available for the iPhone and iPad and Android later this year, Manheim says Simulcast on Mobile leads the pack allowing customers to bid and buy from anywhere – their lot, any Manheim location, the airport or even from a competitor’s auction.

“Manheim’s mission is to put game-changing information in our customers’ hands, no matter where they are – online, at home, in the showroom, or at auctions – to provide faster, less expensive, lower risk, higher volume and more fairly priced transactions,” says Joe George, senior V-P, product development.

“We have a robust set of mobile offerings designed to accomplish those goals by putting the power of the Manheim marketplace in the palm of the customer’s hand.”

Manheim says the new myMobileListing app gives customers more choices when it comes to selling their vehicle inventory.

“Rather than choosing between sending a vehicle to auction or keeping it on their lot dealers can do both at the same time. In 10 minutes or less, a dealer can use the app to input condition information, photos and video and put the vehicle up for sale via directly from their lot using their smart device, he says.

The new My Purchase page on streamlines customer access to transaction information, says Manheim.

My Purchases aggregates Manheim purchase information in one place regardless of where or how the customer makes those purchases, holding 120 days of transactions. Customers can access vehicle PSI status, condition information, payment information including fees and more, all in real-time, the auction company says.

Manheim says it also notifies dealers of any status changes to their purchases via alerts to their mobile device, leading to faster, easier transaction management for customers.

“We place great emphasis on listening to our customers and identifying what kinds of products they need to make their businesses boom and then we develop technological solutions to meet those needs,” says George.