Carpages rolls out DealerSite+ 2.0


Following a successful pilot program with Cobourg Kia, Carpages says it is rolling out DealerSite+ 2.0 for dealers across the country.

The company, first known primarily for its flagship advertising services, says its expansion into dealer websites has been solid thus far.

Three years of and 100 dealerships later, Ben Mirecki, president of Carpages, says it took to heart what it heard dealers saying and developed a new product to meet those needs.

“Dealers have been telling us that the current options they have for a website solution were not great or too expensive,” he explains. “We saw that as an opportunity to develop an industry-leading website solution that dealers would love.”

Development of DealerSite+ started in early 2014. The company launched its first DealerSite+ 2.0 dealer, Cobourg Kia, in August 2014.

Mirecki says they worked closely with the team at Cobourg Kia to build a platform that would meet not only the dealer’s needs but also the OEM requirements from Kia Canada.

Carpages says DealerSite+ 2.0 has all the modern necessities in a site including responsive design, build and price tools and more. He says Cobourg Kia saw traffic increase with the new site as Google now evaluates sites based on criteria such as mobile-friendliness, usability, and page load time.

“We've taken great pains to ensure our platform knocks these things out of the park,” he adds.

Three Kia dealers and two Toyota dealers have already signed up. Carpages says the platform is built to accommodate any brand's requirements.

Website packages range from $275 to $675 per month.