Creating online showrooms for the Internet age


By April Chadwick

Evolio says it offers turnkey Internet marketing solutions for new and used car dealers across Canada. The company began way back in the mid-’90s at the start of the online revolution with founder and President Jean-Philippe Paquin creating a popular website for his father’s used car dealership.

Evolio says the foundation of its product line is its performance-oriented and user-friendly websites.

Cosima Marcos, the company’s communications and marketing specialist says his staff has the passion and commitment for creating websites that have the look and feel that dealerships need to convert visitors into customers.

“A poor website is like a grumpy salesperson,” Marcos says. “A dealers website is the new showroom, the first point of contact for a customer. It is a make or break opportunity to establish a connection with a potential car buyer. The competition isn’t just down the street it is one click away.”

It’s estimated that 90 per cent of consumers begin a new or used- car purchase online, a 30 per cent increase from five years ago. Friend and family recommendations, showroom visits and brochures have been replaced wholesale by online media, whether dealer or manufacturer websites, blogs and social media.

Evolio’s philosophy is that the dealership’s website is as important as the showroom. Customers expect a dealership to be welcoming, to be clean, well designed and for the sales staff to be nicely dressed. Just as a potential customer judges a dealer based on their showroom experience so to do they form an opinion on a dealers credibility from their website.

“We know our clients’ realities; not only do we understand the stakes and the challenges they face, we focus on enhancing their credibility and online results,” says J-P Paquin, president and founder of EVOLIO.

Evolio says it works closely with all OEMs to develop websites and advertising campaigns that meet corporate standards for design, content and consumer impact.

The company’s website design is part of a larger dealer-friendly strategy that offers a comprehensive package of Internet products, he says.   

The company says it online marketing solutions include, website design, SEO, email marketing, online advertising through its own site and remarketing with its corporate partners business relationships with Google and Kijiji.

“A remarketing campaign allows the dealer to create a list of visitors to their site and then place ads on other sites they visit. The goal of remarketing being to recapture already interested customers and convert them into actual dealership traffic,” says Evolio.

In addition Evolio says it offers dealerships the ability to manage their own websites to make quick content updates easy.

To complete its dealer-friendly approach, it says it can also provide dealers Internet training and talent sourcing to train and recruit their own e-commerce expert.

“As a leader in vehicle Internet marketing Evolio has developed integrated on line strategies for over 1,200 new and used dealerships in Canada.”

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