FordPass aims to be essential to car owners whenever they drive


DETROIT, Mich. – Ford wants to make consumers’ lives easier during the 900-plus hours a year they spend in a vehicle, so the automaker designed FordPass.

The platform, available this spring in Canada to Ford vehicle owners and non-owners alike, features four elements to benefit members.

Marketplace offers mobility services. FordGuides help consumers move more efficiently. Appreciation recognizes members for their loyalty, while FordHubs, lets consumers experience the automaker’s latest innovations.

The automaker says FordPass users will enjoy transportation services like reserving and paying for parking in advance, ride sharing, and car sharing, with more to come.

FordPass adds a human touch in the form of FordGuides who provide assistance to any FordPass member who needs help on the commute – regardless of location.

Say a member decides they would like to book advance parking for an upcoming show but is unsure how to reserve it, one push of a button on their smartphone lets them have a live chat with a FordGuide who will lead them through the options and help to reserve parking.

Ford says the guides will be available free of charge. Their only job is to guide, serve and help solve mobility challenges – not to sell.

FordPass Appreciation will reward members for doing simple things, such as registering to become a member, booking parking, or interacting with FordGuides.

And by collaborating with affinity partners McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and others, FordPass can reward members with access to merchandise and special events.

“We’re engaging with our customers – and our potential customers – aiming to make every interaction with the Ford brand a positive experience,” said Elena Ford, Ford vice-president, global dealer and consumer experience.

“We want consumers to know how much we appreciate them, and with FordPass, we’re taking loyalty a step further.”

“Instead of having a handful of interactions with consumers each year, we determined we could actually have a handful of interactions each day, with the intention to make people’s lives easier and more rewarding,” said Stephen Odell, Ford executive vice-president, global marketing, sales and service.

“That’s how we decided we could elevate and participate in the full customer experience.”

FordPass is activated through smartphones. Consumers can sign up for more information and updates at