Kia Canada names Reynolds and Reynolds as certified DMS provider


Kia Canada Inc. has named Reynolds and its ERA DMS as a certified dealership management system (DMS) provider for Kia dealerships in Canada.

Reynolds and Reynolds’ ERA DMS supports all areas of a dealer’s retail operation, from managing business transactions and customer interactions inside the four walls of the dealership to reaching customers outside the four walls.

“We’re pleased that Reynolds Canada is included among Kia Canada’s certified DMS providers,” said Ian Reilly, vice president of sales for Reynolds Canada.

“We have a lot of confidence in the results the ERA DMS can deliver for dealerships and we’re proud of the Kia dealerships we already support.”

Kia Canada has named Certified DMS Providers as part of its DMS integration initiative that seeks to streamline the data transfer process between the Kia parts, warranty, and e-composite systems and the DMS at Kia dealerships.

As part of the DMS integration initiative, Reynolds and Kia Canada have developed two new ERA interfaces: parts ordering and warranty claim submission. These new interfaces help eliminate the need for Kia dealers to manually re-key the necessary information into two separate systems, reducing potential keystroke errors and speeding the dealer’s ability to receive parts shipments and warranty payments.

Reilly said the new interfaces between the ERA DMS and Kia’s systems will help drive operating productivity and efficiency, at both the dealer level and the manufacturer level.

Since 2008, Kia Canada also has endorsed the Reynolds contact management solution for its dealerships that want a single tool to help manage their customer database.

Contact management for the ERA DMS is one of the most comprehensive and widely used customer relationship management (CRM) tools for car dealerships.

By helping dealerships drive efficiency into their CRM process, Contact Management enables dealers to more effectively reach, attract, and retain sales and service customers.