Kick-start your CRM with email marketing


Customer relationship management is a hot topic among dealers, and not without reason: competition is everywhere and marketing dollars per new client are constantly growing even in new media like paid search.

“It’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones, so we’re slowly starting to see dealers shifting their focus to their client base,” says Louis-Dominic Parizeau interactive marketing director. A web marketing expert, he develops new strategies aimed at ensuring dealerships have optimal visibility and results on the web and manages’s online marketing efforts.

Parizeau says if you haven’t started to do so, now has never been a better time to use email to engage your customers.

Evolio has a new email marketing tool it says will help foster loyalty by keeping customers – and even prospects – involved with your dealership.

Dubbed the “customer retention mailer,” Evolio says the tool is designed to take over the email portion of your CRM activities, and ultimately increase your repeat business.  

“Even with social media’s phenomenal growth – it has surpassed email as the top Internet activity in the United States – email marketing should be considered the easiest and most effective CRM tool available,” Parizeau argues.

It turns customers into repeat customers, he says.

He explains the customer retention mailer helps your dealership your customers  regular  newsletters with information such as the latest news, promotions, featured used car listings and car reviews. Keeping a presence in your customer’s daily lives not only increases brand equity, but also increases word-of-mouth.

“Distance yourself from the pack,” he says.

But there’s more to it, he says. By synchronizing your own customer database, dealers can start applying rules to mailings.

The dealership can send an email to customers four months after a service check, an invitation for a test drive three months before the end of a lease, birthday wishes on their anniversary, or an alert to all owners of a specific model when the new edition is available in the showroom, etc.

What does it means to your F&I department?

“Securing a place in your customers’ inbox gives you a unique opportunity to create awareness by discussing and explaining your F&I programs,” Parizeau says. “Emails are also very efficient with limited-time promotions. You have a low-interest rate deal going on? Make sure you tell your customers first, especially those with an aging vehicle!”

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