Mitsubishi inks agreement with DMT lead management system


Mitsubishi Canada and DMT Development Systems Group Inc. out of Winnipeg have signed an agreement to install DMT’s lead management and tracking system in the automaker’s 88 Canadian dealerships.

The installs of RAPID! Response, a comprehensive lead management and tracking system, should be in every dealership by the end of the fourth quarter of 2014, the two companies announced.

According to DMT, RAPID! Response can consolidate sales leads from numerous digital sources and deliver them to a salesperson’s smartphone, tablet or personal computer for immediate assessment and action.

Sales managers in turn can monitor the salesperson’s response for speed and quality regardless of the device utilized to create the response. All information is provided in real time to monitor the lead response.

“Many of our dealers have been using RAPID! Response for more than a year now with great results. E-lead response times have been reduced and responses are more concise and meet the customers’ concerns in a professional manner. This has led to a better all-round customer experience and increased sales opportunities for the dealer,” says Tony Laframboise, vice president of sales and marketing for Mitsubishi.

Sales for Mitsubishi in Canada set a record in 2013 with 21,104 units and sales continue strong in 2014 with a 4.3 per cent increase through August.

RAPID! Response marks the eighth DMT product employed by Mitsubishi Canada to help dealers streamline their business processes while improving how they serve their retail customers.