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New marketing head for Kia Canada

Robert Staffieri has been appointed to director of marketing for Kia Canada Inc. and is now responsible for all marketing, public relations and product planning functions for the automaker.
Staffieri has been with Kia Canada Inc. for over five years and has held a variety of positions including advertising and incentives manager, national sales manager and most recently, national customer retention manager. He brings to the organization over eighteen years of automotive experience which included finance, sales and marketing experience from another OEM.    
“Robert has been instrumental in impacting Kia Canada’s growth over the last five years. He has been able to provide succinct direction and execution in his various roles,” said Maria Soklis, V-P and COO of Kia Canada Inc.

“Robert is well poised to lead Kia Canada in his areas of responsibility into the next wave of significant growth here in Canada.” 

Staffieri was instrumental in successfully implementing and overlooking initiatives that specifically heightened Kia Canada’s brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Staffieri also pioneered the Kia Certified Pre-Owned Program and earlier this year, the Kia Member Rewards Program.

Additionally, the automaker says, Staffieri worked to develop and execute Kia Canada’s Drive Change campaign.