Porsche winter driving school


Porsche is aiming at bucking the conventional wisdom that keeps sports cars under wraps all winter with a three-day winter driving school next February.

Called Camp4Canada, the event will feature a fleet of 20 Porsche Caymans and 911 Carreras drivers can whip around a specialized snow-bound racetrack at Mecaglisse, a dedicated snow and ice-driving facility outside of Montreal.

Participants will learn valuable winter driving skills, the automaker says, noting the two multi-turn road courses would be complimented by an enormous winter skidpad to explore the Porsches’ limits in “safe and controlled situations.”

“Camp4 Canada is in some ways the crown jewel of our winter marketing campaign, which we call Never Hibernate,” said Jasmin Rawlinson, Porsche Canada’s director of marketing.

Porsche has also launched a microsite (www.porsche.ca/neverhibernate) designed to convince potential customers that all Porsche vehicles, “including the sports cars that form the foundation of the Camp4 Canada program, are all-weather machines and can be driven through the winter with a bit of preparation and the proper driving techniques.”