Want to know where your data’s going? Try DealerVault


Bryan Anderson says the single worst thing that could happen to a dealer is losing data. The chief of the data security firm DealerVault notes he would have to be a dealer that dealer had to tell customers they lost their data and that they didn’t know where the data was going.

“It’s a very sad situation,” he says.

And it could lead to liability, both civil and criminal. Anderson says he shares these concerns. He launched DealerVault in September and describes it as the first-ever, cloud-based system that allows dealers to control the distribution of their data.

He says DealerVault’s goal is to let dealers control what data is available to each of their vendors. No more worries about where data is going.

“Our technology is a based on a private cloud (with Microsoft SQL normalized data) for distribution. We take all types of DMS data and them move it to the cloud for normalization and then give the dealer the tools to syndicate it.”

He calls it “control at the field level.”

“Dealers can enable and disable access to data - no matter how many stores they own – via DealerVault’s easy-to-use web interface.”

In other words, data moves from the DMS to DealerVault and on to the designated third-party supplier. He says DealerVault lets dealers deliver data – sales data, service data, inventory, open ROs, appointments – daily, weekly, etc. to their third party suppliers.

They can do it safely and save, he says.

“These third party suppliers hire people to go and get their data and they pay a fee for the service. With DealerVault, the dealer has control and there’s no cost to deliver that data to their third party solution providers that need it.”

And the transfers to the cloud, run by Rackspace Hosting, and to the third party are insured, he insists.

“The dealer is protected from liability. There is a $10 million Traveler’s Insurance policy from DealerVault to cover safety during data movement.”

He says that each time the dealer hires a third-party supplier, there’s the data fee. Anderson says DealerVault not only eliminates those fees, it helps the dealer track data use, making sure that the data is used properly and for the limited purpose only.

He says that his company can relieve the pressure on the dealership’s IT staff that have to see that data flows to each supplier.

“We have relationships with over 400 vendors, so we know the type of data they need.”

The company is working on a “seeding” dealer’s data so DealerVault would be notified in case of misuse of the data, he says. Set up time takes 48 hours, he says.

For more information, call 1-877-834-2451, email bryan@dealervault.com or visit www.dealervault.com.