Website tips


If you want to increase used car sales, then a well-built website may be the key to reaching that business goal, says Stef Fiore, Evolio’s national sales manager.

When you start planning a new site — or redesigning the old one — there are two questions to consider, Fiore says.

“What technical aspects can be implemented to draw more traffic to the site? And, what added tools can help convert browsers into buyers?”

First, you have to drive traffic to your site. There are various technical and structural strategies that will improve your website’s visibility. To ensure that your site can be easily found by search engines, he advises dealers to do as many of the following as possible:

- Build different portals for different demographics – family cars, eco-friendly, etc;
- Create one Web page for each car;
- Formulate keyword-rich URLs;
- Using the PDF format, add a data sheet for each car that can be printed out.

These tips will also make your site more attractive and easy to use. He says that this means that potential car buyers will spend more time on your site and perhaps even make the decision to buy sooner.

“Remember: more information means more sales,” Fiore says.

Once potential car buyers are on your site, keep them there by giving them all the tools they'll need to make an informed decision. Although plenty of photos — and even video — will get their imaginations going, it’s equally important to give them all persuasive and logical reasons for purchasing the used car on your site.

You already know what questions potential buyers are going to ask, so answer them simply and immediately. Here are some.

- “How’s the gas consumption?” Due to the economic downturn and increasing environmental awareness, consumers are more gas-conscious than ever. So add this information to each car profile page.
- “Where can I get the car's history?” Consider adding a link to a Canadian vehicle history reporting service.
- “What’s the warranty?” This crucial information should be included on each car profile page. You may also want to include inspection information.

For more information, contact Stef Fiore, national sales manager at Evolio, 1-888-474-2886 (278) or