Wholesale Car Connection offers new app aimed at saving time and driving profit


LONDON, ONT. – A new mobile app is letting Canadian dealers offer vehicles taken on trade-in to dealers and wholesalers in real time, carrying the potential of more profit in less time.

A product of Wholesale Car Connection, a wholesale classified website launched in 2008, the app is available now to Ontario website members at no additional cost.

“Dealers can have a description of the trade-in vehicle written, the VIN scanned and up to six pictures posted while the customer is still in your business office signing the paperwork for their new car,” explained Carl DiNardo, president of Wholesale Car Connection. “The listing can be blasted out to the member base while the other deal is finalized. That is virtually impossible to do now without this app.”

When dealers get a trade in they want to move, they typically call two or three wholesalers to try and get a number on the car, he said. The Wholesale Car Connection app allows dealers to use their smartphones (BlackBerry, iPhone and Android) to scan the VIN barcode, take three interior and three exterior photos with the phone, add any comments about the vehicle and then send that it to either Wholesale’s 400-strong Ontario member list or to the dealer’s specific group of members.

“Say it’s a Lexus and the dealer only wants to shop the vehicles in and amongst Ontario Lexus dealers, he can create a custom list so he has flexibility in terms of who he wants to send it to.”

Users will get notifications of new cars available within the network and can create custom watch lists so they are only notified when specific vehicles hit the market.

As a user, dealers and used-car managers can click on the car to look at the pictures, read the comments and then contact the dealer via email to send an immediate response.

“It’s really that simple,” he noted.

But don’t mistake this for an online auction. DiNardo stressed this is just a custom classified system and Wholesale plays no role in managing the private bidding process.

“It works just like dealing with your wholesalers who will offer up their best price. The system simply expands your bidding footprint to drive profits and save time.”

DiNardo admitted the idea for the new mobile application actually came from a discussion with a dealer client. He said Wholesale had been trying to convince members to stick their trades up on the website but found many would just call their familiar wholesale partners instead.

“One of our BMW clients suggested creating the functionality seen in the app and that really started the ball rolling,” he noted. “We had all these landed cars but we weren’t getting the trades. We needed something so used-car managers didn’t have to wait for Apex or Boost to come out. We needed something that is now.”

Launched in mid-July for Ontario Wholesale members, DiNardo says the app will be refined and perfected before users across Canada and the U.S. will get a chance to use it.

“When you think that a typical franchise dealer might do a hundred of these in a month. Our system now allows them to get a slightly higher price a lot faster because they can reach more interested buyers outside of the group with which they normally deal.”