ADESA puts digital ahead of physical


In what can be interpreted as a significant remarketing milestone, ADESA Canada said this week it would prioritize its digital auction solution by encouraging dealers to use TradeRev before sending cars to a physical auction.

“ADESA is North America’s premier auction marketplace with thousands of strong, trusted dealer relationships. Partnering with them to accelerate the digital first revolution is exhilarating for both companies and incredibly exciting for our shared customers,” said Mark Endras, TradeRev CEO and co-founder.

ADESA, which also holds a 50 percent stake in TradeRev, has 14 physical auction locations in Canada. ADESA sales teams nationwide will reportedly leverage their relationships with thousands of dealers to help promote the use of TradeRev.

Additionally, they will offer assistance to help Canadian dealers load their inventory onto TradeRev’s intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app.

Once launched, dealers can receive live, real time bids from any participating TradeRev dealer.

“ADESA is committed to helping our customers buy and sell inventory as quickly and efficiently as possible – regardless of the channel,” said Trevor Henderson, COO of ADESA Canada.

“No one can do this better than ADESA, TradeRev and the KAR family of companies. We’ve been the online services leader in Canada for many years and we are proud to extend the digitization of our industry to help dealers launch and win auctions from the palm of their hands.”

Earlier this year, TradeRev and ADESA also announced a series of exclusive partnerships representing more than 100 dealerships across Canada. These relationships added tens of thousands of vehicles to the inventory available through TradeRev’s broad network of buyer and seller dealers.

With thousands of North American dealers using TradeRev, more than 500,000 dealer auctions have been launched through the mobile app generating over 6 million dealer bids.

TradeRev is available nationwide in Canada and in 10 markets across the US.