AIAG publishes electronic proof of delivery guide


The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) announced the release of a new guideline for the electronic reporting of vehicle delivery. The new system provides irrefutable, real-time information on the condition of the vehicle and when it is presented to the destination dealer.

The Electronic Proof of Delivery Work Group with members from Auto Warehousing Co., Alliance Inspection Management, Chrysler Group LLC., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Identec Solutions, Inc., Toyota Logistics Services, Inc., United Road Services, Inc., and Vascor Ltd., developed this guideline to standardize data sets which relay vehicle delivery information. Before this new system, proof of delivery was paper-based process and caused a lack of real-time visibility issues.

This newly released guideline provides carriers, manufacturers and dealers a common template that can be modified and enhanced to fit into all processes.

Using a standardized proof of delivery system provides an electronic time and date stamp as well as undeniable proof of delivery – which is verified by a signature.  Electronic delivery receipts can reduce reporting time, eliminate errors, and minimize redundancy. Further adaptation of this type of system would enable real-time communication with dealerships, immediate payment to the carrier for services provided and accurate assessment of vehicle condition upon delivery to minimize unresolved claims that presently total in the millions of dollars.

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