Curbsider collects HST


Straight from the just-when-you’ve-seen-everything file comes a true story from the Used Car Dealer Association’s latest Frontline newsletter.

The UCDA says a curbsider managed to get into an Ontario Dealer Auction claiming to represent a Quebec dealer. Acting in that role, he bought a car from a UCDA member, then sold it directly to an Ontario consumer.

The vehicle was never registered to him or the Quebec dealer or in Quebec.

The UCDA says the consumer had expensive repair complaints shortly after the purchase – he had spent over $1,000 fixing the car and was facing the prospect of thousands more when he called the dealer who sold the car to the Quebec dealer at the auction to complain.

Naturally, the UCDA member was confused about why the consumer was calling him and even more confused when the customer sent him a bill of sale that was made out and signed as if it was a sale by his dealership.

The bill of sale was a fake and the signature had been forged. To add insult, the association said the curbsider had collected HST from the consumer.

Regulatory and other authorities have been informed and are currently investigating.