rewrites arbitration policy


ATLANTA – announced Aug. 13 the launch of its new arbitration process for Canadian buyers purchasing vehicles online. says it will adopt the NAAA arbitration policy as a guideline.

The new policy gives buyers the opportunity to arbitrate a vehicle purchase if an undisclosed problem is discovered following a post-sale inspection. 

“We want to give buyers the confidence to buy online, knowing that there is some recourse if there is a problem with the vehicle,” says Gareth Walker, operations manager for

“Just because our customers are buying online, they shouldn’t be disadvantaged compared to those people buying in the physical auction.

“The increase in buyer confidence means that buyers will buy more, and in turn sellers will want to list more. It’s a win-win situation.”

Walker says that by mirroring the physical auction policy, buyers can be confident in the vehicles they are purchasing. Should undisclosed problems arise after purchase, buyers have a chance to return the vehicle or have the cost of repair covered. is Manheim’s online-only marketplace where franchised dealers can sell their wholesale vehicles to registered auto industry buyers.

Manheim says dealers who do not generally use traditional auctions to dispose of trade-ins, will find attractive because it offers a platform for buyers and sellers to come together on a “no sale, no fee, no risk, basis.”

Charges are only applied for the successful sale or purchase of a vehicle. 

“Full control of the auction process, from the listing of a vehicle to the length of sale and collection, is entirely in the hands of the users. The site is also fully supported by a team of industry professionals to ensure the smooth completion of all transactions,” the auction company says.

Established in 2008, Manheim boasts Dealer Auction is the UK’s largest online-only auction dedicated to offering wholesale vehicles for franchised dealers to wholesale buyers. 

“Experts in online vehicle remarketing and currently auctioning in excess of 50,000 wholesale units per year for approximately 10 per cent of the UK’s franchised dealer network.

“As the demand to buy wholesale stock online increases worldwide, Dealer Auction continues to be at the forefront of this rapidly growing marketplace.”