Manheim launches weekly online event sale


In an example of just how far the auction business has come, Manheim Canada launched its M’OVE It Fridays weekly online event sales recently. The new program will allow dealers from across the country to buy fresh inventory online from national sellers and pre-qualified dealers without leaving their office.

The event will be held every Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. (ET). According to the auction firm, the M’OVE It Fridays sale is a bid-only, short-window sale format.

“All vehicles have a condition report, display images and are strategically priced to M’OVE,” the company said in a release.

The first event started with 573 vehicles from a variety of commercial sellers, including Alphera Financial Services, AvisBudget Group, Bell Canada, Chrysler Financial, Discount, Dollar Thrifty, Enterprise Holdings, FinancialLinx, Foss Leasing, Hertz, Honda Financial Services, Location Sauvegeau, Pattison Leasing, JPL Fleet Management, KIA Motors, Nissan/Infiniti Financial Services and Somerville Leasing.

“Manheim Halifax M’OVEd the first car on behalf of FinanciaLinx within the first 10 minutes of the sale,” said Cheryl Munce, vice president of strategy, online and business development.

“Going forward, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers an additional opportunity each week to move units and refresh their inventory on a day when physical auctions are limited,” Munce added.

“M’OVE It Fridays sales will reduce days to sell by opening vehicles to a more diverse buyer base and exposing assets in smaller markets to a larger, national buyer audience.”

“As spring volumes increase, demand for fresh inventory will also grow,” Munce added. “The weekly M’OVE It Fridays sales will put priced-right and first-run vehicles in dealers’ hands on Fridays in order to pre-sell the units to their customers over the weekend.”

Dealers interested in participating in the M’OVE It Fridays sales should log on to or