No timeline for Canadian rollout of vAuto’s Conquest


Major U.S. software provider vAuto is set to tackle the new-car market with the late-January debut of its new inventory management and pricing system, Conquest.

The system, explains company founder Dale Pollak, aims to help dealers improve sales, profitability and transparency in their new vehicle departments much in the same way its other products have “changed the game” in used vehicles.

Set to launch at the National Automobile Dealers’ Association convention and expo in New Orleans this month, vAuto boasts Conquest will offer “comprehensive, competitive market intelligence” so dealers can make new vehicle pricing and stocking decisions that reflect consumer demand and desire.

Unfortunately for Canadian dealers, Conquest will not be available immediately following the launch.

“Similar to how we rolled out Provision, with a focus on the U.S. first, there is no set timeline for Canada with regards to Conquest,” vAuto media rep Lance Helgeson confirmed.

“It is definitely on the planning docket, though.”

Pollak says the new program marks the first foray into the new vehicle market for the software giant.

“We’ve helped a lot of dealers harness the power of real-time market data to transform their used vehicle operations and performance. Conquest will change the game in new vehicles, just as our Provision system has changed the game in used vehicles.”

Using vAuto’s Live Market technology, the company says Conquest will help dealers see all competitive new vehicle opportunities and threats while offering the first-ever complete view of competing in-brand and off-brand new vehicles and prices available in the market.

“With Conquest, dealers will have the ability to see what is and isn’t available for sale in the market and adjust their new vehicle retailing game plans accordingly,” he says.

vAuto  says Conquest will shows dealers the exact colours and configurations of new vehicles that sell best (and worst) in their markets. Using market supply and demand data, vAuto says the program will help dealers align their new vehicle inventory and pricing to the market, enabling them to retail more of the best-selling vehicles in less time.

“Through integrations with AIS Rebates and Kelley Blue Book, Conquest helps dealers embrace the higher level of pricing transparency today’s buyers expect. With Conquest, dealers can promote their best deal with confidence, knowing the system will automatically generate market-credible prices and account for every available incentive and rebate.”

There is no word on cost yet.