North Toronto Auction to share block data with CarProof


North Toronto Auction (NTA) has confirmed it will be sharing its block data with CarProof for inclusion in its vehicle history reports.

The move follows the decision two years ago that saw NTA become the first auction to provide CarProof reports with every vehicle in a bid the auction said showed its commitment to transparency.

“It's all about smart decision making. We want to give our dealers the information they need to make the best choices. That's a big part of why we offer only CarProof, and why we are partnering with them to share our Block data,” NTA owner/partner Matt Rispin explained in a release.

Among other information, NTA will be sharing the status detail on the public service vehicles they put through (including former police cars, emergency vehicles, taxis or limousines), odometer readings, and accident damages with CarProof.

“We're committed to transparency throughout the transaction process, and sharing this data and more with CarProof means the great information we have, follows that vehicle long after it drives off our lot.”

Marty Meadows, V-P of strategic accounts at CarProof said the move shows NTA’s commitment to be a leader in the remarketing industry in Canada.

“By sharing their Block data, it means this detail stays tied to that vehicle for its lifetime, benefiting not just the dealer that buys in that moment, but any dealers or consumers that interact with it in the future,” Meadows said.