OPENLANE’s new Canadian mobile website


Dealers will have immediate access to their OPENLANE accounts from their Apple iPhone/iPod touch and Google Android-based smartphones, OPENLANE announced.

“Dealers with existing OPENLANE accounts will have real-time access to vehicles they’ve bid on or are watching on from the convenience of their mobile devices for anytime, anywhere access. The Canadian mobile site will be available in both English and French language versions,” the company said in a release dated May 18.

The launch of the Canadian mobile site follows on the heels of OPENLANE’S U.S. site launched earlier this year at NADA’s 2011 convention.

OPENLANE said the Canadian site offers the same features as its U.S.-counterpart including quick and easy access to vehicles, the ability to search an inventory base that includes thousands of vehicles, high resolution photographs, full vehicle condition reports and the ability to purchase straight from their mobile phones.

For ease of use, both sites are introducing two new features: One-Click Rebid and the ability to configure Default Checkout Options.

OPENLANE explained that One-Click Rebid lets dealers quickly place subsequent bids on a vehicle directly from their phone without having to reselect checkout options such as payment and transport preference.

For dealers who have enabled Default Checkout Options, payment, transport, and other preferences will be selected when they place a bid, purchase or make an offer on a vehicle.

Both new features can be configured from the My Account page.
“I’m really excited that I can access my entire OPENLANE account when I’m out traveling and away from the dealership now,” said Jason Melville, Used Car Manager, Jackson’s Toyota in Ontario. “Being able to monitor my watchlist items will ensure that I stay ahead of the auction bids and get the vehicles that I need for my dealership.”

“We’ve always been committed to providing our dealers with the most efficient sales process possible,” said Clark Hammond, director of product management, OPENLANE. “Our dealers are becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices to communicate and conduct business and we wanted to ensure that all their OPENLANE needs were met while they were on-the-go. By providing them with a full-featured mobile site, they can now rest assured that they will never miss an important sale.”