Subaru, Land Rover take top brand honours in ALG’s residual value awards


Subaru and Land Rover took top honours for mainstream and premium brands, respectively with this year’s ALG’s Canadian Residual Value Awards.

The awards (RVA) recognize vehicles in 27 segments, ranging from small city car to fullsize commercial van, that are forecast to retain the highest percentage of their MSRP after a four-year period for mainstream brands and three-year period for premium brands.

This year’s recipients were chosen from 2016 model year vehicles that had shown strong value in their competitive segments.

“Depreciation is the single biggest cost of vehicle ownership, and informed consumers understand the importance of resale value when making their purchase decision,” said Jim Nguyen, executive V-P and general manager of ALG. 

“The ALG Residual Value Award is a meaningful achievement in the hyper-competitive automotive landscape.  Residual values are a key indicator for the market success of a vehicle, factoring in quality, product execution and brand desirability as primary drivers of ALG’s forecast.”

Subaru repeats as the top ranking among mainstream brands taking home three segment awards including Outback, a perennial winner in the midsize utility (2 row) segment.

“An all-wheel-drive strategy coupled with disciplined incentive spending continues to be the driving forces behind Subaru’s high residual values,” ALG says.

Land Rover’s top ranking among Premium manufacturers is its second consecutive win.

Consumer demand for Land Rover products has increased following a newly expanded lineup and enhanced luxury amenities, resulting in limited incentive spending and high residual values. Land Rover models also won in two segments this year: Range Rover Sport and Discovery Sport.

Among mainstream brands, Toyota edged out Honda with five segment awards, including Tundra’s seventh and the Tacoma’s sixth-consecutive RVA award.

Honda received segment awards for four of its models, including the redesigned Honda Pilot in the midsize utility segment.

Other highlights include Nissan Maxima’s top ranking in the fullsize ar segment; Porsche Panamera’s first award in the premium executive car segment; and the highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT S’ top ranking in the premium sports car segment.