UCDA sends alert on HST


The UCDA has sent out an alert warning dealers that the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario has to be charged even if the vehicle is sold bu not delivered before the July 1 deadline.

“Members can use their existing forms after July 1st,” the association said in a release.

“For members that hand write contracts, or have print programs that can be modified, it is perfectly acceptable to simply strike out the GST and write in HST, do the calculation at 13 per cent and complete the rest of the bill of sale, leaving the retail sales tax space blank.”
The UCDA’s new HST Forms have been sent to DMS companies, are being loaded into their systems and should be available “well before” July 1, 2010.
To order UCDA’s HST Bills of Sale or Lease Contracts go to www.ucda.org.

The UCDA asks that anyone with questions call them at 1-800-268-2598 or 416-231-2600