UCDA warns of possible scam


By Liam Orlita

The Used Car Dealers Association (UCDA) is warning its members of a credit card scam that could target dealers.

The scam is as follows: A person sends an email inquiring if the dealer can repair his vehicle. According to the UCDA, the vehicle is “far away” and described as “big and expensive luxury unit.”

If the dealer responds the email, the scam artist will say that the tow truck company he wants to use will not accept payment by credit cards. The UCDA says the scammer will offer up a credit card number – one they say could be stolen – and ask it be run for a few thousand dollars. The dealer will be asked to take some for a “deposit” and send the rest of the money to the tow truck company for vehicle delivery.

The UCDA member who dealer who received this email realized it was a scam and notified the association.

Anyone who receives a similar email or has any questions and concerns about a possible scam is urged to contact the UCDA.