Dealer-FX Announces Integration With Hunter Engineering Company


Dealer-FX announced the inclusion of Hunter Engineering product data into its ONE Platform service experience.
Integration with Hunter’s inspection and alignment systems, including Quick Check Drive, Quick Check, and Quick Tread systems enables automotive retailers to quickly present tire inspection and alignment findings, as well as battery health readings to customers. It’s all made available to the customer on a tablet, enhancing the experience right at the drive.

“We are committed to integrating with partners like Hunter Engineering, who provide the data that drives the best dealer and customer experience,” said Gary Kalk, president and CEO of Dealer-FX. “With this new partnership, our clients can ensure that every vehicle receives a complete service write-up including tire alignment, tread depth, tire pressure, and rotation diagnostics at check-in and inspection.”

Tire inspection and alignment data collected from Hunter Engineering’s connected equipment is added to Dealer-FX’s Advisor Check-In and Technician Inspection applications. Recommendations from the tire inspection will be added to the RO in Advisor Check-in. The Technician Inspection application will be pre-populated with the results of the Hunter scan, eliminating the need for double entry.

“Any dealer that performs alignment or tire service can benefit from this exciting, new integration with Dealer-FX,” noted Alan Hagerty, product manager at Hunter. “Our partnership enhances the customer and employee experience by providing connectivity, transparency and streamlined processes.”