Tracker aims to take glitches out of vehicle delivery


Vehicle deliveries are often rushed at the last minute or delayed causing much management and customer frustration.

“Customers often don’t realize what they are waiting on – whether it is on a credit approval, a vehicle locate, an accessory installation, a vehicle detail, an insurance confirmation or even licensing,” says Anson Van de Kemp, founder of Liasn Technologies.

“Sometimes there is nothing that can be done to keep a vehicle on track and delivered in a timely manner, but much of the time delays are caused by a specific task that has fallen through the cracks,” he says.

With the sales department, financing office, parts department and service department all playing a part in the delivery, communication is key to keeping the delivery on track.

Van de Kemp says he is responding to requests from dealership management for a better way to communicate between dealership departments to keep a vehicle’s delivery on track because errors and delays result in a poor customer experience.

His solution is LiasnTracker, an automotive delivery-tracking tool from his Oshawa, Ont., company. LiasnTracker has launched a new service adding a delivery process manager to its existing tracking and referral tools.

He says the delivery process manager allows management to drill down into a delivery to see the tasks each department/staff member has or has not yet completed.

Management can now push staff to complete tasks or even intervene when necessary, he says.

“Our product elevates customer experience by allowing them to track their delivery, but we wanted to add a tool to help the dealerships minimize errors and delays.”

The tool is simple to use, allowing deliveries to be viewed or updated on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Dealership staff can see their assigned task and simply check it off when completed.

Management can see an overview of upcoming deliveries, view any highlighted vehicles in danger of a delay and drill down into that

delivery’s specific tasks to see what has been completed.

Customers are still notified about their vehicle progress via the tracking tool and even notified about their responsibilities along the way such as supplying certified funds, a void cheque or an insurance confirmation.

The tool is free for individual dealership personnel to use for basic vehicle tracking and social media prompting.

Dealerships can add the delivery process manager, lead generation and dealership review aggregation for a flat monthly fee.

Liasn Technologies is software as a service platform for automotive dealerships allowing them to manage vehicle deliveries, improve customer service, aggregate dealership reviews and generate referral leads.

Van de Kemp has worked in automotive dealerships across the GTA in every role from the sales floor to senior management and most recently at a successful Nissan dealership.

He originally developed this tool to help manage his internal processes, but realizing its potential, left dealership management in June 2016 to found Liasn Inc.

To learn more about Liasn Technologies, please contact Anson Van de Kemp at or visit www.